• Live Event Funnel Snapshot

    Sold By: Comet Suite

    For all the professional services and event organisers our there who run live events. We have used this funnel to grow our Live audiences from 150 people to a tribe of 3000. This funnel is proven to bring in people into your events and give them an experiences that keeps them coming back. It is designed so they can choose their own adventure with the Gold, Silver and Bronze packs. They are then encouraged to upgrade via our professional copywriter emails. After they purchase they are sent all the information they need to have a seamless experience. If they have purchased a Bronze ticket, they are encouraged to upgrade to silver and if they bought silver, they are encouraged to upgrade to gold. If they leave without purchasing, there is an abandoned cart sequence to bring them back for one last look and offer.

    Sold By: Comet Suite

    Live Event Funnel Snapshot


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