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Million Dollar Snapshot

This incredible snapshot is responsible for millions of dollars in revenue not only for our business but for our partners and clients as well.

In this SNAPSHOT this is what you will be getting: 


1 x funnel with 3 pages.

Optin page – for sending traffic to and enrolling them to watch the presentation.

Presentation page – to showcase your leads system and CRM Program and make sales.

Opt Out page – for those who choose not to receive the campaign.


Registration form – to enroll new clients into the funnel


3 x trigger links


9 x Tags


5 x custom values – that make everything work


  • 14 total automations!
  • Including – Admin controls, to get booking notifications and update the opportunity board
  • 3 Automations for Cold Email to bring new prospects
  • Webinar Follow up sequences
  • Existing Client Automations
  • Our ‘Recurring Income Generator’ <— YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS ONE! 

YES! You can Steal this snapshot and replace it for your products and services….

 in fact we want you to because we exist to help you make more money and if you do that with this snapshot…. good on you!

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