• Survey Funnel Snapshot

    Sold By: Comet Suite

    This Funnel is great for reactivating old clients, surveying new clients or making an offer to a JV’s audience. The purpose of this funnel is to get their interest with their registration. Then giving them some key information that gets them excited, example “5 Ways to use Artificial Intelligence to Craft Your Sales Presentations” then they watch the presentation and you can survey them on how valuable this would be to their organisation. The ones that indicate that it is not a good fit, get sent to a thank you and see you later page. The ones that are interested are asked to book in a demo to see it in action. After they book in the call, they are told what to expect next and then after the call, if they are qualified to purchase, they are sent a sequence to purchase your product.

    Sold By: Comet Suite

    Survey Funnel Snapshot


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